Energy Sources

  • In cooperation with the MIT Energy Initiative, our energy competencies range from the fundamentals of energy conversion (fossil fuels, solar) to economics and public policy. 


  • Study shows that pavement deflection under vehicle tires makes for a continuous uphill drive that increases fuel consumption.
  • Transportation@MIT and the MIT Transportation Club are pleased to announce the continuation of the Transportation Seminar Series.
  • Transportation@MIT is a vast undertaking that brings together multiple disciplines and schools. What better place to take on a problem so inextricably linked to data and technology? Where else to analyze the world’s urban infrastructure and how it can best facilitate the efficient and ecologically sound movement of people and goods?

  • Places second in the Silicon category — comprising cars that raced with off-the-shelf, terrestrial-grade silicon solar cells.
  • An MIT team led by Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering Yang Shao-Horn has found a method that promises to dramatically increase the efficiency of the electrodes in one type of fuel cell, which uses methanol instead of hydrogen as its fuel and is considered promising as a replacement for batteries in portable electronic devices.