Transportation Research Groups

Energy Sources

  • The Center for Ocean Engineering has significant research efforts in fluid mechanics and hydrodynamics, acoustics, offshore mechanics, marine robotics and sensors, and the role of the ocean in the global environment and in climate change. Director: Michael S.Triantafyllou 

  •  The Complex Systems Research Laboratory (CSRL) designs system modeling, analysis, and visualization theory and tools to assist in the design and operation of safer systems with greater capability.

  • PARTNER — the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction fosters breakthrough technological, operational, policy, and workforce advances for the betterment of mobility, economy, national security, and the environment. Principal Investigator/Director: Ian Waitz

  • The Sloan Automotive Laboratory aims to provide the fundamental knowledge base for automotive engineering and to educate students to become technological leaders in the automotive industry.  Principal Investigators: Wai K. Cheng, Willian H. Green, John B. Heywood, Tian Tian, Victor W. Wong