Transportation Research Groups

Behavior and Economics

  •  CarTel is a distributed, mobile sensor network and telematics system. Applications built on top of this system can collect, analyze, and deliver data from sensors on automobiles and smartphones and provide interesting services to users regarding their commutes. Principal Investigators/Director:  Hari Balakrishnan, Sam Madden, Daniela Rus

  •  The Cooperative Mobility Program (CMP) supports a vision of a sustainable, multi-modal transportation system that will provide the mobility necessary to foster global economic development while remaining compatible with social needs and environmental protection. Director: Daniel Roos

  • The Global Airline Industry Program is developing a body of knowledge for understanding development, growth and competitive advantage in this industry, which is one of the most diverse, dynamic and perplexing of the world. Director: Peter Belobaba

  • The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) conducts multi-disciplinary research on the applications of modern information technologies to transportation systems. Initial efforts include the conceptual design of intelligent transportation systems and computer tools for design and evaluation of ITS services. Director: Moshe Ben-Akiva

  • The goal of the International Center for Air Transportation (ICAT) is to improve the safety, efficiency and capacity of domestic and international air transportation and its infrastructure, utilizing information technology and human centered systems analysis. Director: R. John Hansman

  • The Materials Systems Laboratory (MSL) studies the strategic implications of materials and materials processing choices including sustainability factors. 
    Director: Joel P. Clark

  • Research in the MIT AgeLab is designing, developing, and deploying innovations that improve quality of life in a variety of fields including transportation and driver safety. Director: Joseph F. Coughlin

  • The MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program allows researchers from MIT and the Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) to experiment with new logistics processes, concepts and technologies and to move research findings quickly into practice. Executive Director: Jarrod Goentzel

  • PARTNER — the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction fosters breakthrough technological, operational, policy, and workforce advances for the betterment of mobility, economy, national security, and the environment. Principal Investigator/Director: Ian Waitz