Autonomous Vehicles and Urban Mobility

December 08, 2009
Emilio Frazzoli, Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics

The feasibility of safe interaction between robotic vehicles and human-driven  traffic has been recently demonstrated in the DARPA Urban Challenge event. The MIT team was among the six out of almost 100 world-wide entries to successfully complete the  60-mile challenge. Even though the Urban Challenge was hailed by many as a milestone in robotics, there are still many challenges to face before autonomous vehicles will be an integral part of urban mobility systems. This seminar will be focused on the current state of the art in autonomous vehicle technologies, especially from a planning and control point of view, through a discussion of recent and current research activity in the field, and lessons learned in field experiments. Perspective on the challenges to be addressed for autonomous driving and, more in general, situational awareness and autonomous decision making in transportation systems will also be discussed.

Watch the video below of Emilio Frazzoli’s presentation.