Transportation Research Groups

Urban Challenges

  •  CarTel is a distributed, mobile sensor network and telematics system. Applications built on top of this system can collect, analyze, and deliver data from sensors on automobiles and smartphones and provide interesting services to users regarding their commutes. Principal Investigators/Director:  Hari Balakrishnan, Sam Madden, Daniela Rus

  •  The Cooperative Mobility Program (CMP) supports a vision of a sustainable, multi-modal transportation system that will provide the mobility necessary to foster global economic development while remaining compatible with social needs and environmental protection. Director: Daniel Roos

  • The overarching focus of the MIT Portugal Program (MPP) Transportation Systems is the design of complex, large-scale systems that have major societal impact and provide opportunities for sustainable economic development, specifically in a technology-intensive, intermodal transportation system. Principal Investigator: Chris Zegras