Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat: Which Way Are We Going, and Does it Matter? Thinking Globally, Acting locally, and Walking the Talk

October 20, 2009

Fred Salvucci, is a civil engineer specializing in transportation, in particular infrastructure, urban transportation, public transportation and institutional development in decision-making. He was the Secretary of Transportation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under Governor Dukakis. He is a Senior Lecturer at MIT in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The focus on fixing the vehicle through CAFE standards, the California Car, and Cash for Clunkers still leaves us moving in the wrong direction on congestion and climate change. Much of the operations research focused ITS is about who gets to the jump to the head of the line, or is too small to matter. We need to achieve a significant shift away from auto dependency.

The local challenge of coping with a 30% reduction in auto capacity crossing the Charles River due to bridge reconstruction can be an opportunity for a significant mode shift away from the single occupant auto, and towards sustainability, with national implications. MIT can uniquely provide both relevant research and leadership if we focus our efforts on sustainable transportation through the Transportation@MIT Initiative.

See a copy of Fred Salvucci’s presentation, or watch the video below.